A Mercedes-Benz lower arm is a suspension component that is part of the steering and suspension system in a vehicle. It connects the steering knuckle to the frame of the vehicle and helps to control the vehicle’s steering and stability, as well as support the weight of the vehicle.

The lower arm is typically made of metal and is designed to pivot on a ball joint, which allows it to move up and down and from side to side as the vehicle’s suspension compresses and rebounds. It helps to keep the wheels pointed in the direction of travel, maintain the vehicle’s stability and handling and also support the weight of the vehicle.

The lower arm can be of different designs and types, such as fixed or adjustable, depending on the vehicle and its usage. A fixed lower arm is a non-adjustable design that is set by the manufacturer and is designed to optimize the suspension geometry for specific driving conditions and vehicle usage. An adjustable lower arm is a design that allows the driver or mechanic to adjust the angle of the lower arm to fine-tune the vehicle’s handling and stability.


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