A Mercedes-Benz brake caliper is a component of a vehicle’s brake system that is responsible for applying pressure to the brake pads, which in turn press against the brake rotor to slow down or stop the vehicle.

The brake caliper is typically made of cast iron or aluminum, and is connected to the brake pads and brake rotor by pins or bushings. It consists of a housing that contains one or more pistons that push the brake pads against the rotor when the brake pedal is pressed.

The brake caliper design can vary depending on the vehicle and its usage, such as single or double piston calipers, fixed or floating calipers. Single piston calipers have one piston that pushes the brake pad against the rotor, while double piston calipers have two pistons that push the brake pad against the rotor from both sides, providing more even and efficient braking.

Fixed brake calipers have the pistons on a fixed position and the rotor and pads move through the caliper, while floating brake calipers have the pistons and the caliper itself moving with the rotor and pads.



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