The Mercedes-Benz Airmatic air suspension is a type of suspension system that uses compressed air to adjust the height and firmness of the vehicle’s ride. It is a fully automatic, self-leveling suspension system that can adjust the ride height to optimize handling, stability and comfort.

The Airmatic system uses air springs, which are essentially bellows filled with pressurized air, in place of conventional steel springs. These air springs are controlled by the vehicle’s onboard computer, which uses sensors to monitor the vehicle’s load, speed, and road conditions. The system can adjust the air pressure in the air springs to raise or lower the vehicle’s ride height and firmness.

The Airmatic system also has a feature called “Adaptive Damping System (ADS)” which uses sensors to monitor the vehicle’s body movement and adjust the shock absorbers accordingly to provide optimal handling and comfort.

This suspension system provides a comfortable ride, even when the vehicle is loaded, and also allows the driver to adjust the ride height to suit different driving conditions. It also has a “lift” function that can raise the vehicle’s ride height to clear obstacles or to make it easier to get in and out of the vehicle.

The Airmatic system is typically found in Mercedes-Benz luxury vehicles and SUV models. It also requires regular maintenance, and the air spring, compressor or other components may require replacement over time.


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